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Thank You

Thank you to all my patients who have expressed support & concern for my brother and myself during these recent months. We have indeed lost our mom and immediately after suddenly my brother’s wife passed away. Both had their trials and now rest with God. We have...

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Dental Hygiene & Diabetes

A great article that was found on the Canadian Dental Hygiene Associations Facebook page last week. The article was originally published in the Seattle Times. Some good information!...

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To Floss or Not to Floss Recently you may have heard about some negative statements about flossing being disseminated by a dentist. There are a very select few where floss may not help but the vast majority of the population will always benefit from the act of floss...

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Dental Trauma Guide

A good article at the following website for those interested in learning of the different types of dental trauma. This was found on the International Association of Dental Traumatology website in April of 2014.

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Nighttime Grinding

Please follow the link below to read a great article found on The Canadian Dental Association Oasis discussions website.

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Thank You Everyone

We are so very appreciative of the many wonderful patients that we have crossed paths with over the years. We thank you all and truly miss you when you have to move on to new chapters. Thank you!  

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Our First Blog Entry!

Welcome to our Blog Page! We are very excited to share updates of our office as well as some great information that you may find of interest. A place we hope all will find helpful and enlightening in your dental health and overall well-being as patients of the...

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